Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Rest of the Day (Sunday)

Today ended really well despite a rough start. E's head bump is okay
and Levi's fever went down. jay and Sandy stopped in at Susan's Store
and ended up having tea with the owner for an hour. They had a really
good time connecting with the locals. We had a late lunch and then
went for a stroll around. The kids had fun on the high bar (in China,
parks will have workout equipment for the adults). We came back to the
room and had a fun playtime before bed with lots of laughs. I made
Levi a palate on the floor, and no tears! He obviously detests the
crib. I have a lot of great video of the kids playing, but can't post
to Youtube from here. They have a lot of fun together! Thankful for a
good ending to this day.

Good Wishes,

Courtney ~ where community supports adoptive families
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