Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meal Planning

I must confess...I'm a planner. It must be the "birth order theory" at work, for I'm the oldest child and I fit the profile remarkably. I like routine, schedules, to-do lists, limited options, and little down time. Otherwise, I get easily overwhelmed.

So being the planner that I confess to be, I just finished compiling an 8-week meal rotation complete with weekly shopping lists. Impressive, eh? Truth be told, I can't take much of the credit because Cooking Light makes it a very easy process. If you have a subscription, you can log onto their website, www.cookinglight.com and create shopping lists and menus. You can select a variety of meals including vegetarian, various meats, slow cook recipes, and quick and easy dinners. Great for busy moms.... and those planning to be a busy mom (like me). It is an excellent resource for the common, everyday, well,.....planner.

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