Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Optimism Amid Ambiguity of the Wait

"Ambiguity is one of the most difficult things to tolerate, and the intolerance leads to poor choices. Not knowing, not knowing how something will turn out, leads to impatience for an outcome. The impatience then results in one of the two actions: either a resolution is forced, or there is a move to retreat, to give up. Either way, the result cannot be optimal, for in every situation, a process is working, an intricate, complex process, which has its goal the highest outcome, the good of the whole, which we cannot easily see or grasp. This ability to allow the process to work can be called faith, and this faith is not a belief, this faith is not passive. The self-discipline needed to overcome the anxiety of ambiguity takes enormous effort to sustain....The truth is that every single moment of every single life is uncertain.....True power lies in accepting the fact that everything is uncertain in every moment; it is the truth and it is where our freedom lies. A small shift in thinking, a slight willingness to admit the possibility, and one can see that if everything is uncertain then anything is possible...My only hope is to embrace the uncertainty, rejoice in the ambiguity, let the process proceed. " - Beth Nonte Russell in Forever Lily

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