Monday, June 25, 2007

Dance Your Heart Out

Need a good remedy for the adoption blues? How about getting your groove on! There's nothing better than cranking up your favorite tune and shaking your keister! Dancing is an incredible way to decrease stress because it releases endorphins which are mood enhancers. I've been doing a lot of it over the past 19 months during this wait and my advice is that you should be doing it too!

Need a little push? Start with one of these songs to get you giggy with it:

End of the Line -- Travelling Wilburys

Anything's Possible -- Jonny Lang

Colorful -- Rocco DeLuca

What You Waiting For? -- Gwen Stefani

Hey Ya! -- OutKast

Tip: If you need some groovy moves you can always check out Napoleon Dynamite. He's a pro!

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