Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baby Girl is Gonna Love This

I have a renewed obsession with The Innocence Mission . I just downloaded two of their albums from itunes, Birds of My Neighborhood and Now the Day is Over (Thanks, sis, for the itunes gift card; It didn't take long to blow it!).
I happened upon Now the Day is Over about a year ago and bookmarked it to buy once the little one arrived. But I couldn't help myself and purchased the little gem just now. Now the Day is Over is a collection of songs sung and played as lullabies and includes favorites like "Moon River", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "It is Well With My Soul". Baby Girl is gonna love it whisks her away to dreamland (that's the idea, at least).

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Rachel said...

I love Now the Day is Over. One of my favorite children's collections! Happy listening.