Thursday, September 20, 2007


I've enjoyed hearing back from many who are excited to participate in our "100 Good Wishes Quilt" project. The support and enthusiasm overwhelms me to tears, and I become emotional with each email that I receive. All of this for our girl.

It's these kinds of memories that I need to document. The making of the quilt, the responses, the good wishes, the thoughts that stir in our heads as we wait. The one thing that is different with adoption is that we parents have to create memories and significant moments that our child can hold onto throughout their lives. They've lost everything...their birthdays, their birthmothers, their birth stories, their histories, intimacy with their birthmothers, their caregivers, their home country, their traditions, culture, language, and even their smiles. Devastating loss.

I read this mother's thoughtful post -- a gentle reminder to always celebrate the important moments in an adoptee's life. I love that these adoptive families have become an extended family themselves. Their girls, who shared the same orphanage, have a special bond to celebrate and a history to remember together. And each of these families, has an important day to cherish, the day their little one was placed in their arms and they became a forever family.


Klaudette said...


This blog site is awesome. I spent some time reading through it last night. You are such a special person and Elyza Ruby will be given to such educated, caring, loving and prepared parents! I learned alot as well and No you definitely are not "imaginary" that article made me laugh because it was funny and also at myself for saying similar things to parents who have adopted. Next time I will keep my mouth shut :)

Courtney said...

Oops! I should have mentioned that I too have been guilty of asking such questions. So no worries! I don't want to discourage folks from being interested in the lives of those who adopt.