Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Needless to say, there are some days when this waiting is no fun. Today is one of those days for me. You'd almost rather have all of your teeth pulled out than to be dragged here, there, and yonder by all of the rumors that start pouring in around this time of month as we get closer to the next batch of referrals...rumors that the cut-off didn't make it as far as you'd hoped, rumors that there is yet another slow down (how much slower can we possibly get!), and so on. On these days, you feel like crying your eyes out and giving in to the despair, but you decide not to do that, because deep inside, you feel that there is the tiniest bit of hope pushing you forward...making you more courageous. You think back and try to remember life before the adoption wait, and you realize adoption has always been there calling you. It's been written on our hearts for a very long time. It's shapes us into who we've become. So we take a deep breath on these days, and let ourselves be filled with the goodness of the day and drink the cup of Grace that comes along with it.


Jen Talley said...

I was right there yesterday. But I had a hard time pulling myself out. But today I feel a little better and I have hope again. Still hoping that we at least get out of November this month. :)

Kerry said...

Courtney- I wish I could invite you over for coffee and to spend time with my little one from China. I know that would help you these final days:) of our wait. The end is in sight- and please know that it will be everything you ever hoped it would be. Hang in there. And yes- hold on to HOPE!
Come on 12-12-05- we want our babies!