Sunday, September 16, 2007

Latest Rumor

I have butterflies in my belly...there are rumors that December LIDers are now in the matching room, which is quite possible given that the last batch was through November 25. You don't know how happy it makes me to see our LID month on the radar! I'm still hoping for a referral by November! It's speculated that they'll get through Dec. 5th or so for the October batch of referrals.


Andrea said...

I have butterflies, too, everytime you post updates on it all.
I'm still praying it happens soon!

Jen Talley said...


I know how you feel. My heart lept too. I am so ready for November to be over with. I can't believe we are within just a few months of seeing our babies!!! I just want to burst!!!

BTW I love the mandarin posts you have been doing. I find myself trying to say the phrases( chin down and all).:) I'm sure I look very silly.


Kerry said...

Hi Courtney! Here comes December! All the waiting is going to be so worth it- you will forget the moment you first see the picture of your baby's face. Come on Dec. 12th. We are right here with you.
Kerry- who can tell you waiting for #2 is not any easier