Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ni e ma?

Today I took the big leap -- I'm attempting to learn some Mandarin. I decided that each week between now and our referral, my goal is to try to learn at least 3 words or phrases starting here on Haiwang's Chinese Learning Blog. lists a few other resources, but I find that Haiwang's blog seems to suit me best.

Getting started is the hardest part (well, aside from trying to learn the most complex language I've ever heard, let alone, spoken). So I whipped out the dry erase board to make it official; there's no avoiding the poster-sized Mandarin word chart; it's like those paintings in an old haunted know the ones where the eyes appear to stare at you from every angle. Egad! Haunted by Mandarin...that's a new one.


Andrea said...

Wow, that looks hard!! With the tones and all.
Good for you for taking it on..

Chinese Study Adviser said...

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