Saturday, September 01, 2007

Signs That the Wait is Getting Too Long and That You Are Becoming a Little Neurotic

  1. You rock your cat or stuffed animal to sleep
  2. You look in the backseat of the car and talk baby talk as if there were a kid there to respond
  3. You borrow every neighbor's kid and try them out in your new baby carrier
  4. You start thinking maybe you should change your child's name because you're getting bored with this imaginary (insert name) that wanders around in your life
  5. You start eating baby food and drinking from a bottle (um, baby bottle that is)
  6. You purchase a cd of lullabies to help your baby sleep...the baby who is still sleeping in a crib in China
  7. You've hit every clothing sale every season since you started the process and you don't have any idea if they'll even fit
  8. You've waited so long that you start dreaming that when you finally do meet your child in China she's 14 years old instead of 14 months
  9. You've got a college fund started but no one to send to college
  10. You've had way too many birthdays since you started the process
  11. You compare yourself to an elephant, who though, despite having the longest gestation of any other animal, has already given birth to her baby (elephant gestation is 22 months, which is longer than any land animal...uh, guess they didn't include adoptive parents in that survey).
  12. You flag down every UPS guy that drives in your neighborhood thinking that maybe, just maybe, your referral is just lost in his truck somehow.
  13. You start telling your friends and family..."I swear I'm not lying about this whole adoption thing, honest!"

These signs are somewhat in jest, but some are true for many of us waiting parents. Are you waiting? Feel free to add your signs to the list!


Crystal said...

Hahahahahah, these are hilarious!!

Computerladyutah said...

People ask you how many kids you have and I promptly respond 3. They ask how old they are and I say 11, 7 and ????? I have to tell them that I don't know how old my third one is. I get some really strange looks when I can't tell them how old my 3rd child is.

Andrea said... should come to NY. (I am serious!!!!) It will make the wait go longer and I PROMISE you'll get your fix of child-helpin'.

The Blaszczynski Family said...

I LOVE THIS LIST! It's soooo true. At least we have each other to hang in there with!