Friday, October 26, 2007

Latest News

I just spoke with my agency, and they think that a cut-off of 12.12.05 is a longshot. They think that it will more likely be around 12.9.05. I'm beginning to think this is the case because we have seen rumors in the past that project a few days further than what actually ends up being the cut-off. My agency thinks with a 12.12.05 LID we are more likely to see our referral in December than in November. That's not to say I wouldn't welcome an enormous surprise this month, but I'm not going to bank on it. I trust my agency more than I trust the rumor mill. I wouldn't mind if my agency's predictions were proved wrong though.


Shawnstribe said...

its sooo amazing to think that this is now really happening!!!!
I wish that all our blogs had the little icons from RQ : )
im joining my prayer with yours and all our other cyber friends xxxx
i love your blog
not long nowxxxxxxx

Kerry said...

I am with you- Courtney. I am thinking that a December referral would be a wonderful gift.
So hard to keep my feet on the ground right now though!
You seem so calm! Either case- not too much longer now.

Jen Talley said...

I guess we'll see next week!!! I'm dying for rumors of packages being mailed!!!!

Jen Talley said...

Next week girl!!! Hopefully we'll know something next week!!!! We are sooo close....