Thursday, October 25, 2007

Latest Update...First Rumor

I'm flipping out...the Rumor Queen says that a European site, the Spanish Rumor site, says the cut off will be the 12th (that's us!), possibly the 13th. They say they are "confirming this", they aren't treating it as a rumor but as fact. Rumor Queen warns not to take it to the bank just yet.

So what would this mean? 1). We'd have a referral in the next week and finally know our daughter 2). The waiting game would come to an end. 3). We'd officially be parents! 4). I'll most definitely be over the moon.

It is so difficult not to get our hopes up too high with this news. We've seen rumors like this many times in the past that proclaim to get further along than actually do. However, for one brief moment, it's exciting to think that our referral is in the next batch perhaps. Friends, pray that we'll get our Christmas miracle afterall! All things are possible at this point now that November 2005 LID's are out of the way. Time will tell.


Kerry said...

So exciting! My heart skipped a few beats reading the most recent rumors. Is it posible that the 12th is included. Can't wait to see pictures of our babies.


Klaudette said...

I have tears in my eyes reading this. I will say a prayer for you!

Andrea said...

That's what i'm praying, dear. Christmas!!