Wednesday, October 03, 2007


It's not official yet, but most likely the cutoff for the recent batch of referrals is November 30, 2005. This means that the CCAA only got through 5 days of LID's, really 3 if you count that 2 of those days are weekend days. This time last year, they had gotten through 18 days of referrals and, the year before that, 19 days. So you can understand that the slow down has been extremely frustrating (and nonsensical) for us waiting parents, to say the least. We signed up when the wait was only at 7 months, not 24+. Did someone switch out China for another China while we weren't looking?

And to top it off, there is absolutely no way to anticipate how far the CCAA will get with the next two batches of referrals in Nov. and Dec. We just have to wait and see, basically. This summer after the CCAA tour, there were reports of the following:

many agencies are reporting that we’ll be at a two year wait when we finish 2007. Several are reporting it will happen before we finish 2007. Several report that the CCAA will be referring some of the December 2005 families in December 2007. The CCAA feels that in 2008 they will be back to something closer to 15 days per month.

I feel like a detective trying to rationalize what this could mean for our 12.12.05 LID date. Most likely, it means a referral no earlier than December. I can't be certain when. One thing is for certain though, many of us waiting parents will have to be put in a "nuthouse" if this continues to go at the same pace, me included.

I'm thrilled for the November 2005 families. They're receiving their referrals and many will be in China around the holidays. How lovely. And I also THANK GOD that the CCAA is finished matching up Nov. 05 LIDs. It took them 6 months to accomplish it. Un-freaking-believable!

So what are we to do in the meantime? Well, this family has been doing a lot of reading. Check out their book reviews. It's off to the library, again, I go.

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