Friday, November 09, 2007

The Great Vaccination Debate

This is a very interesting article related to the Great Vaccination Debate that I found via Healthy Parenting. Granted, our child will have already had some vaccinations, as required, in China; however, many American pediatricians won't run an antibody titer on the child (they claim it's not very accurate) and instead recommend a re-vaccination of ALL vaccines. I'm not cool with that. I'd rather have an incomplete blood test than pump my 16 lb. baby with a double dose of vaccinations, whose safety is still in question. I've talked with the pediatrician that we plan to use and she is willing to work with us on an alternative vaccination schedule. Meanwhile, I'll continue to research the pros and cons. Read the article if you too are contemplating vaccinating your child.

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Shawnstribe said...

Hiya, just had such a good read of your blog Courtney and will order that book straight away!!!!
Not too long now and you will be hearin soon!
I spent yesterday in a very long line to get our China visas, i froze : (
Thankyou for all your messages