Friday, November 02, 2007

Latest Update: The Final Countdown Begins

It looks like the cut off is 12.8.05 for this month's batch of referrals. Despite the fact that 12.12 wasn't included this time, Y'all, I'm so excited because I know that WE ARE FINALLY NEXT! The countdown begins! In one month (that's only 30 days!), we too will be receiving our referral!!! Thanksgiving will be a very special holiday for us this year, as my husband and I will be giving much thanks for the child with whom we will soon be matched!

Some of you may be asking...Okay, how do you know for sure this time? Well, this is how I know. Referrals come in at the first of every month. Referral cut off for this month is 12.8.05. That means that the CCAA only has to match 12.9.05 applicants before they match our LID of 12.12.05!! You see, 12.10.05 and 12.11.05 were a Saturday and Sunday so there were no LIDs for those two days. That means that the CCAA only has to match 1 day of referrals before matching our date!

I can't believe that I can finally say with confidence, "we're next"!!

So, over the next month, will you please pray with us?

* Pray for the health and safety of our little one as she waits.

*Pray for the foster mom and/or the orphanage nanny that will be looking after her.

*Pray for our daughter's birthmother and birthfather, as they will always be important people to us and to our child.

*Pray for all the mamas and papas-to-be and our children that are waiting to be united.

Congratulations to all of the families that will be receiving their referrals this month! How amazing it must be to know that you will have your daughter by the end of the year.


Mrs. B. said...

I have been following your journey and I am so happy for you! I can't wait to hear more news.

Shawnstribe said...

Courtney thanks for dropping so excited, but so off to bed now to dream of babies

Anonymous said...

Courtney, I'll be praying for you and everyone else that will cross paths with your little girl. How exciting!