Monday, November 05, 2007

Tips While Waiting

This blogger has a lot of great tips that I need to get rolling on over the next 30 days (pre-referral). After the referral arrives, I anticipate that we'll be a little preoccupied with -- JOY!


Jen Talley said...

Wow!! I love that blog!!!! I need to cut and paste it to a word document. That should keep me bsy for the next few months. :)

Justin said...

The video taping messages i think is a great idea!

What a scary flashback that will be for you, and your daughter im sure will get a tremendous kick out of it.

Just hope you can keep it secret for 18 years!

Shawnstribe said...

thank you for being there!!!!

im going a bit crazy with the wait.

A bit scared after all the hiccups im seeing on RQ

i love the tips...may i print them out?

Speak soon

Kerry said...

Lots to do. Although try not to get too caught up in the little things. I made that mistake the first time and almost went crazy doing so! Enjoy this time. Lots of time to do her lifebook when she is napping.