Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jet Lag?


Andrea said...

That is a *good* baby!
Welcome back, you guys!! you did it!!

Carrie said...

Hi Courtney! Congratulations on bringing your sweet little angel home! She looks tuckered out! :) Thank you for your sweet comments on our blog. We are looking forward to that "forever family" joy. God bless you and your sweet family,

Anonymous said...

So adorable!

I really enjoyed watching your journey and am glad you survived all the terrible weather.

Welcome home and thanks for sharing your journey.

Lisa in Denver
Mother of Lily Lu from Jiangxi and Jack

Hollie said...

That is tooooo cute! Can she teach my girls to sleep like that?

Anonymous said...

Glad you fared the bad weather home in Nashville as well. Can't wait to meet my new cousin! Much love,

Angie Purdy

Jodee Leader said...

What a sweet picture! That was a long trip home!

Anonymous said...

so not fair!!!!!!!! l,e