Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Photos Galore

So now that we have baby girl, I've been pondering how to organize the gobs and gobs of photos over the rest of her life that I will no doubt be collecting. I'm thinking of maybe organizing pics by month and then creating each year that she's with us into its own album. Or perhaps, I could instead organize it into each year of her life. I'd like to add captions to most pictures too. This could get tricky though.

I'd love to commit to scrapbooking everything, but seriously, I'm still working on a scrapbook that I started 12 years ago in college and STILL haven't finished. Scrapbooking is only for the highly-efficient creative types and that I am not. Sorry Creative Memories.

I'd love any suggestions from those of you that like to keep your photos organized with minimal creative effort involved (I said minimal, not nil so some creativity is okay). Are there particular albums that you've found useful or easy to accomplish this feat? Do you have a systematized way to doing this? As you go or at the end of the year? Do you recommend a scrapbook, but minus the "scrapbooking" per say? How about the Snapfish photo books? Hmmm, so many options...do share please.


Anonymous said...

Hello Courtney,

WHen I came home with Samantha in 2004 I thought the same thing. What I did was I put the photos by the month. So I have 12 albums per year. OMG! But we still look back at them. good Luck


Callie said...

My husband gave me a blurb book for Christmas of our son's first year and I absolutely love it. It's a coffee table book and better quality than Snapfish. (I gave him a Snapfish one.) Anyway check it out at blurb.com

Courtney said...

Blurb.com ROCKS!!! I love this! I'm totally going to use this for photo organizing! Thanks for the tip.

Callie said...

Yay! Glad you like it. I've been very impressed and have to say their customer service is superb!

Maggie said...

i keep all the photos organized by month on the computer and then upload a nice batch at the end of each month for the grandparents, etc. it's nice because even if i don't get around to putting them in an album, at least i know how old he was in the photo. plus, it makes putting together a christmas calendar for the grandparents (with photos corresponding to each month from the previous year) so easy! the online photo books are great because you can change your mind a million times and it doesn't matter. plus, it's a lot less messy. i am excited to check out blurb.com!

Courtney said...

I totally agree. I've started organizing by month on my computer as well and it looks like it's going to be the easiest way to do it. I like your idea of sending out the best pics from each month to family. That's easier than sending every time I take new pictures. Thanks!

Stephe said...

Smugmug.com (love them)

Keep mine at www.stephe.smugmug.com


Anonymous said...


Digital scrapbooking is the way to go. There are lots of templates available. It is a drag and drop system and you can publish your hardbound books. They come right to your door!

Check out my website. You can email me from my link on the website if you have questions!

Stephanie, Colorado

fisherblog said...

Have you tried using Google picaso. You can organize all your pictures someplace like this online - Or put it on disc by month and file them away labeled. I tend to do it all electronically most days - but I know that is not as much fun to go back and look at someday. My sister does this but then makes a yearly photo video of all the favorite pictures at the end of the year. We always look forward to viewing it!

Courtney said...

I love all of these ideas and we'll be investigating further!

Jason Whisenant said...

Well hello from College Station, TX!! This is Jason Whisenant! I hope that you and your family are doing great! From the sound of it, you guys are totally blessed by your new addition!! My Wife Rachel is a Social Worker with a Christian adoption agency out of Houston and we hope to adopt within the next 10 years, maybe internationally.

Again, what a blessing to see what the Lord is doing in your lives. I agree with some of your friends, as we've used Picasa (since you already have google acct. with blogger)and you can upload, label and share photos easily. You can check our amateur collection at http://picasaweb.google.com/whisenant

Again, great to see you are doing well. You can read updates on us at my blog too a http://whiz-biz.blogspot.com/

God bless Sister!