Friday, February 01, 2008

We're in Hong Kong

Well, we made it to Hong Kong by train. Yes, by train from the same train station in Guangzhou that as been in international news.

We had a long day yesterday. Elyza has decided that she needs a schedule and is ready to be in the USA! She's been miss cranky pants for the last two days, bless her heart. Too much traveling and overstimulation and not enough naps. Yesterday morning we had to wait in our hotel from 8-12 while our guide took all of our paperwork to the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou. We did some last minute shopping before all the families went to the U.S. Consulate yesterday afternoon for our official swearing-in adoption ceremony. From there, the three of us said our goodbyes to the group and rushed to the train station to catch our train that was leaving 45 minutes later. We had no problem in our terminal though there were mobs of people as we entered the station.

We arrived around 8 p.m. tired and hungry. It was a very long day for all of us. I'm not sure how much of Hong Kong we'll get to see since Elyza is being a bit "spicey" (JiangXi girls are called spicey girls because of the spicey food and the sometimes spicey temper).

We'll be heading home in 24 hours. I can't believe how the time has flown.

I hope to post more pictures later.


Andrea said...

"Spicey"--lol that made me laugh.
I can't believe it's been 2 weeks!!! Relish your last hours there with Elyza. Soon she will be a teen and it will fly by!! boo hoo. But I know you are ready for "normalness" .

The Blaszczynski Family said...

I am so glad you guys made it to Hong Kong. We were really concerned about you guys, especially after seeing the train station when we were leaving the Consulate. We had a great time with you guys and look forward to when we can visit in Nashville!
Love ya,