Friday, March 20, 2009

Cheap Mamas

I think we all grow up way too fast, which makes me take a second look at buying new stuff for the tot, who will outgrow a majority of it in a season. I've found that consignment sales have pretty much all a toddler needs and then some...and I've also found that shopping at these sales can be, well, addictive. An adorable spring outfit for only $6, bingo...a smocked dress for under $10, well heck yeah...and before you know it you're lugging a ton of loot behind you. It's pretty fantastic. You can go here to join me in the obsession. A few tips: Work the sale if you can. You'll end up getting better dibs on the cream of the crop. Another piece of advice...take a list of needs, otherwise the cheap prices could make you starry-eyed, blowing your budget in record minutes. Keep your cool, cheap mamas.

Given the economy, mamas are getting smarter about how they spend their mula. I was happy to find out about this handy site called, classifieds for moms. Happy shopping!

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