Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Buy Music, Support an Orphanage

As most of you know, we are in process of adopting again from China, though this time through the minor special needs program. With the support of friends and family, our goal is to raise $5000 which will go directly to the orphanage that is caring for our waiting child.

So in an effort to reach our goal, I've convinced my husband ;) to make available his unreleased albums for download. Please visit www.jayjohnsonweb.com to hear clips and download albums. 100% of your purchase will go directly to the orphanage caring for our waiting child.

Others ways that you can help:

  • We are accepting Good Wishes where 100% of your donation goes directly to our endeavor.
  • You can purchase fair-trade coffee through Just Love Coffee where a portion of your purchase, goes toward our efforts.
  • You can also purchase amazing multi-cultural children's books at our Barefoot Books store where 20% of your purchase supports our child's orphanage.

    We know that orphanage care is critical to the welfare and survival of orphans, particularly those with special needs as their lives can be so fragile during the first year of their lives. We've experienced first hand the difference orphanage donations can make, like providing warm water for baths rather than cold, providing warmer clothing for children living in drafty facilities, and other basic essential needs that we often take for granted. We cannot thank you enough for your love and support of our family. Additionally, we thank you on behalf of the children waiting in orphanages for their forever families. Thank you and God bless!


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