Sunday, July 18, 2010

Moving Right Along...

After a slight slow down in our paperwork (we had to send in an addendum to include "boy") which took an additional 4 weeks, we are back on track. I just received the I-800 Provisional Approval (which took 3 weeks) and am now just waiting on the confirmation letter from NVC. Once I receive this letter, we can expect about a 11-14 week wait until we are in China!!! That would put us there around October. Still holding out to be there by his 2nd birthday on Oct. 25. We are applying for Visas this week. We're getting closer!!
This is the most recent picture of Levi sent to us via our adoption agency back in May. The orphanage also included a picture of the inside of his mouth at our request! I emailed the picture of his cleft palate to the surgeon who will repairing his cleft. She was very reassuring that his cleft is not too severe and will be a very routine procedure. The amount of support that we've received through this thus far has been amazing. It's a gentle reminder that God has every detail in His hands.

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fisherblog said...

He is so handsome! Can't wait to meet Levi!!!