Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Counting Down!

I really can't believe we have only a few more weeks until we travel! These weeks will certainly fly by, now that Miss E keeps me busy by day and the to-do list keeps me busy by night. I've been following the blogs of two fellow adoptive families who are currently traveling and it really helps add to the excitement and anticipation of meeting Levi.
We received our itinerary today:

Day 1 arrive in Beijing
Day 2 orientation and sightseeing at Tienanmen Square and Forbidden City
Day 3 fly to Shenyang (city in Liaoning Province)
Day 4 morning MEET LEVI
Day 5 paperwork and drive to Fushun City to apply for Levi's passport (and hopefully visit the orphanage)
Day 6 sightseeing
Day 7 sightseeing
Day 8 fly to Guangzhou
Day 9 medical exam
Day 10 free day
Day 11
Day 12 Visa appointment
Day 13 oath-taking ceremony
Day 14 pick up visa
Day 15 fly from Guangzhou to Beijing, then Beijing to HOME!

Once home...
Day 1 Jet Lag recovery
Day 2 Jet Lag recovery again
Day 3 Levi's 2nd birthday!


Tracey said...

I am so jealous that you don't have to stay in Shenyang as long as we did! There is definitely more to do, see & warmer weather in Guangzhou. We only got 3 days there since we had to stay in Shenyang for 9 days. I am very excited for you all & can't wait to see the journey unfold!

Fellow Fushun Mommy,

Andrea said...

aww i am so excited for you guys! your family is growing so beautifully!!!

hannah said...

aw, i wish you guys safe travel & that everything goes smoothly! i have much respect for you & your family :)