Saturday, October 02, 2010

5 Days and Counting

We're down to 5 days, practically 4! This weekend is a busy one as we tie up loose ends and get our bags packed and ready to go. Elyza keeps telling, (well, actually yelling it) all the kids at the park that she's going to China to get Levi. It's really heart-warming for me to hear her excitement about her brother...even though the kids at the park don't have a clue what she is jabbering about.

Our wonderful friends have showered us with gifts for our son. We've been so touched by the outpouring of excitement, support and love that we've received from friends and family. What a lucky boy to be loved by so many people ;) I can't believe that in 9 short days we'll meet our son!


Beach Bum said...

Best wishes!!! My wife and I adopted our daughter from China. She is eight years-old now and has me tied around her finger.

Christy said...

Hi courtney,
I tried to facebook you but I am blocked off FB while at work but I wanted to for sure email you about your trip. First off, I am thrilled for you and am so excited you are off to get your precious boy. I am so excited for you and hope to be in your shoes very soon.

I know you are going to try to visit the SWI and if you cant, dont worry about anything-- I just want to remind you about my Daughter just in case you do go. My daughters birthday will be just about the time you are there-- within a few days-- and I would love it if you could see her-- talk to her and maybe ask the nannies about her. Also, if you at all are able to take a few pictures of her-- that would literally be priceless!! There is one nanny there that knows our daughter and her name is Ms. Wang. I want to email you a picture of our daughter so you know what she looks like as well as her information. When I get home from work (where I can access FB) I will email you a picture of our daughter and all her identifying info so you can easily ask about her. Her name is Zheng Hao Yi and she will be 3 on October 12. Again, I will email you later with the picture.

Again, I know you are there for a purpose and I dont by anymeans want my requests to get in the way of what you are doing with your son but if you have the time and ability, It would mean the world to me if you could try to check out our daughter while you are there-- just not many kids from this SWI so to have a family travel before we go is rare.

Anyway, thanks again and I will email you tonight.

Christy :)