Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Day by Day -- Living in the Present

"Above all, we can not afford NOT to live in the present. He is blessed over all mortals who loses no moments of the passing life in remembering the past." - Henry David Thoreau from his essay on Walking.

I "second" that thought, Mr. Thoreau, and I'd also like to further add that he is blessed that loses no moments of the passing life in dwelling on the FUTURE. During this wait, it is so very easy to let thoughts of the future steal the very blessings and small joys that each day unfolds. Though the wait is long, I am learning that I must live out today fully. Be present in the present. All of our tomorrows will have our attention when they too become our "todays" but for now they are merely our "tomorrows". I don't want to look back on this time of waiting as just a blur. I want to see it for what it clearly is -- a gift from God; a season of fostering faith; a time to enjoy the stillness of the morning; an opportunity to nurture the talents and interests that God has sown in me; a chance to learn how to slow my pace and be renewed daily; a time to be hopeful in the unwrapped gifts of tomorrow.

I'll grant you, this lesson is not an easy one. I have to constantly remind myself, almost to the point of tying a string around my finger. I'm making a list, though, of what living in the present means to me. It includes simple things such as reading, writing a lifebook, researching, baking, gardening, volunteering, praying and such. It's a gentle reminder to continue to focus on today's gifts and to be hopeful for tomorrow's.

So my fellow adoptive friends, our babies await us. Soon will be the day that we will be united. But for now, let's live in the present.

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