Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Walking: During the Wait

Walking...such a simple thing, yet with profound effects. It's a catalyst for thought, creativity, reflection, fellowship, and relaxation. Walking is helping get me through this wait.

"For I believe that climate does thus react on man, -- as there is something in the mountain air that feeds the spirit and inspires. Will not man grow to greater perfection intellectually as well as physically under these influences? Or is it unimportant how many foggy days there are in his life? I trust that we shall be more imaginative, that our thoughts will be clearer, fresher, and more ethereal as our sky, -- our understanding more comprehensive and broader, like our plains, -- our intellect generally on a grander scale, like our thunder and lightning, our rivers and mountains and forests, -- and our hearts shall even correspond in breadth and depth and grandeur to our inland seas. Perchance there will appear to the traveler something, he knows not what, of joyous and serene, in our very faces. Else to what end does the world go on and why was America discovered." -- Walking, Henry D. Thoreau

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