Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Where Would We Be Without Friends

I wonder where would we be without friends, one of God's greatest creations for the human race. I'm often amazed at the gifts of encouragment that God delivers to me through the people around me...particularly my closest friends. What seems to be a serendipitous union of sorts, is more often a purposeful orchestration of a friendship that grows and deepens us in countless ways. I'm very blessed to have dear friends that walk alongside of us during this wait...that hold our hand when we feel hopeless, whisper words to encourage us, and pray for patience for us when our patience meter is running low. I'm blessed to have these friends.

This is one of those friends who daily encourages me, particularly her thoughts today in They That Wait on the Lord.

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Andrea said...

love ya girl.
I linked you after I read this. I didn't at first, but decided you wouldn't mind after reading this. I hope it's ok.