Friday, August 10, 2007

Addressing the Transracial Issues

I've added a new list of links to my blog under "Transracial Family". It's important that we, adoptive parents of multi-racial families, be proactive in educating ourselves about the challenges that come along with a multi-cultural family. It's not simply making sure that we live in a neighborhood or send our children to school where there is racial diversity, cook Chinese food once in a while, or learn a few words of their native language. It goes much deeper than these things. We must be committed to providing the kind of support that our child needs when facing racial issues.

The Anti-Racist Parent and Multi-Racial Sky are among some of the most helpful resources that I've found. They offer thought-provoking insights into the lives of transracial families. I encourage all adoptive families to begin reflecting upon some of these issues addressed on these blogs. Unfortunately, though the world is home to many races, it is not free from racism. As transracial families, we do need to think about our responses to the different scenarios that will arise due to the uniqueness of our family, ultimately fostering our children in such a way that they are comfortable with their skin color and with their heritage. I found this recent post particularly interesting.

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