Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Moving Right Along

I received an email from our agency today telling us that group 122A referrals have been received and that the average age of babies is 18 months old. We are group 122B! Yahoo! When our turn comes around, we could possibly have a toddler on our hands, given the average age of the recent referrals, but who knows! Anyhow, it was exciting to actually see an email asking us if all of our paperwork is up-to-date and telling us that 122A group is complete.

This is starting to feel very tangible now...not to mention I just went shopping at Target for some of the travel supplies that we'll be needing for when we head off to China (whenever that may be). I've been working on the packing list, so I'm in the mood. I know, it's like Christmas shopping in July (a wee bit early), but it definitely brings on the "Baby" cheer!


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Jen Talley said...

I heard the same news today!!! So exciting!!! Whew!! And 18 months old. Now that would be a challenge. I better start brushing up on my sign language and mandarine.:)

Can't wait to meet you in China!!

Jen Talley(122b)