Monday, October 29, 2007

The Latest News

The Spanish Rumor Queen has upgraded the rumor that 12.12.05 (that's us) IS in fact the cutoff for this next batch (meaning this week's batch). She gives it a 10 rating! (news as of today)

The U.S. Rumor Queen is saying to not bank on this as there's not enough information to confirm that this is fact (news as of today).

My agency is saying that the 12th is a longshot and that they expect the CCAA to get to the 9th for the cutoff (news as of last week).

So what's a girl like me to do? Now do you see what I go through each month? daily ritual of the constant guessing, hoping, and praying. I want so desperately to believe the rumor that we are included and will be seeing our baby for the first time within a week! I want to throw "cautious optimism" to the wind and jump over the moon with joy. But instead, I find myself tempering my excitement until the referrals are mailed out this week and a cutoff is confirmed.

How am I going to get anything done this week, with the constant heart palpitations and these hopeful rumors floating around out there? I can assure you that my bum will be glued to the computer chair for most of the week. Anything I hear will be posted on this blog. Please keep praying for a Christmas miracle!

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