Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Update, Distractions, and Food for Thought

While the rumors keep changing with the wind (now some new rumors out that cut off is somewhere between 5th -9th), I need to distract myself, to say the least.

And if you need a little distraction too, start with The Green Mommy. Today she has a very thought-provoking post on being a socially-conscious consumer. In light of the recent news of Gap products being produced by child laborers, she puts an interesting spin on the meaning of social responsibility.

"We are living in a society that is not content with what we have. We are living in a society that is nearly obsessed with living beyond our means. And we’re living in a society that is focused on projecting an image of success and affluence even though there may be nothing to substantiate that image. So when a corporation with a shiny image like GAP tells us that we can get a full wardrobe of the season’s best outfits and look just like the celebrities hawking the style on television, we jump at the opportunity without considering its true cost. After all, we have an image to keep up."

It's quite revealing of a serious addiction that has invaded our society. It's a challenge to redefine our personal meaning of the word "contentment".

"What a sad thing it is to see that most people never even bother to think about the reason for their existence, but live as if they believe themselves created only to build houses, plant trees, cultivate the garden, pile up wealth or do frivolous things. Consider your own past life. Say, "Lord, what was I thinking of when I was not thinking of You? Whom did I love when I was not loving You? I should have fed upon the truth, but I glutted myself with vanity and served the world instead of serving the truth." -- Saint Francis De Sales, INT. Part I, Ch. 10; O. III, p. 37

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Crystal said...

Wow! I love this post!! I was just thinking when I saw it on tv yesterday, of printing that picture of the children working and putting it up somewhere so I would remember to make thoughtful purchases. What a great way to say it like your friend did. Thanks for the post!