Thursday, November 15, 2007


You still haven't seen the film Bella yet? How much begging do you want from me ;)

Hubby and I had the opportunity to attend a private screening this weekend. This was my second time to see the film (it gets better every time;). After the viewing, the lead actor/producer Eduardo Verastegui was there for a Q&A session. Eduardo is an amazing person. He is so humble, sincere and so passionate about producing films that inspire people. He left a successful career (he was the Brad Pitt of Latin America), to pursue a dream and his personal mission to make films that make a difference.
This low-budget independent movie was filmed in 27 days. It won the Toronto Film Festival People's Choice Award and is winning the hearts of viewers nationwide. It is beautiful, uplifting, inspiring and wonderful...too much for words.

Please visit for a listing of theaters nationwide and support the genuine efforts of the hardworking actors, producers, and directors involved in this film! It deserves to gain nationwide success. All promotion has been due to a grassroots effort. I really pray that it succeeds. We need more films like this!


Jen Talley said...

I'm going to have to buy it when it is released. Unfortunatley Albany isn't showing it in our theatre. Yep.....we have only one here. Man I miss living in Atlanta sometimes...I really do.

Andrea said...

We saw this last night..loved it.
Very amazing.