Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Traditions

I can't believe we are only a few weeks away from Christmas, my all time favorite time of year! Hubby and I were just discussing last night what type of Christmas traditions we'd like to "plant" this year for our children to enjoy for years to come. Since we started our adoption, this will be our third and, hopefully, last Christmas without our Elyza. Each year, we've purchased a Christmas ornament to remind us of her arrival (we didn't think we'd be buying three, mind you). I think this year's will be a framed ornament with her referral picture, representing one of the most hopeful and eagerly awaited Christmas' of them all. Hopefully, we'll continue the ornament tradition as it's served as a tangible symbol of quiet anticipation from year to year.

Last night, we began making a list of things that are important to us, like celebrating Advent and attending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day masses; and then there are the things that are just plain holiday fun, like making gifts, creating a silly Christmas video, and reading T'was the Night Before Christmas.

My friend is kicking off the season, shortly after Thanksgiving, by hosting a Holiday Recipe Swap and silent auction to benefit a local charity. I've created a beaded necklace to contribute to the auction. This has definitely propelled me into the Christmas spirit as now I'm creating a list of other crafty items that I can make to give to loved ones. Also, tonight, a group of local adoptive mamas are hosting a craft fair and proceeds will benefit charity. Additionally, these women bloggers are finding the Loveliness of Handmade Gifts this Christmas and offer creative ideas.

I anticipate that this year's Christmas season, will be more special than years past, as it's my first as a homemaker. Typically, when I was working outside the home, Thanksgiving would come and go, and then I'd look at the calendar and think, "oh, tomorrow is Christmas Eve? How did that happen?" This year, I'm really hoping to absorb the details of the season instead of being absorbed by the hustle and bustle of it. I want to make an effort to bring the presence of Christmas into our home. Though most importantly, I hope to focus all our energies on the real joy and true hope of the season that is found in our Lord.

What are some of your most special holiday traditions? I'd love to hear about them. Feel free to post a comment!


Andrea said...

We have so many "traditions"'s hard to list them all.

I'll think of a few:
~We usually make fajitas on Christmas Eve with red and green peppers.
~We go to Christmas Eve service at church.
~We set up a jar which says "Christmas present for Jesus". The kids put money into it, we count it on Christmas eve, then decide what to get Jesus. (usually something from World Vision catalog or something.)

This year I want to get my act together better and plan doing Advent every Sunday.

Tracy said...

Thanks for coming by our blog! I am so excited for you to get your referral. Life goes in fast-forward from referral to coming hime with baby. I barely remember the last 2 months going by, and here it is almost Christmas.

We also got an ornament each year for Charlotte. This year was the stork 2007 one from Hallmark ;)

Just think - in early 2008, you will have your baby girl in your arms!

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