Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So what now!?

We're just in the midst of completing required paperwork in order to accept our referral. Once this is done, appointments with various Chinese government agencies will be arranged and then we'll receive our travel approval in a few weeks giving us the go ahead to purchase our tickets. We anticipate travel around the end of January, but this is a guess. We should know more over the next few weeks.

I just recently joined a yahoo group of other parents who have adopted from the same orphanage. What a great resource! I just saw a message posted today from a mother who is currently in Nanchang and received her baby this week. She said that the babies are doing great, all of them! There has been minimal grieving and mostly they just want to be held. Other than colds, no one has noticed anything to be concerned about. This is so encouraging! I've been hearing that the Poyang Orphanage takes great care of their children.

We continue to be enamored by our little Elyza. She has stolen our hearts. I must look at her picture a thousand times a day. I can't wait to hold her.


Marlee Belle said...

I can only imagine that you look at her picture bunches!! How exciting!! What anticipation?? Hope your paperwork and travel dates are confirmed soon!

Crystal said...

Papaw today said she was, "cuter than a spotted puppy" when he saw her picture. Whatever that means, I think that he was saying he loves her! I love her too!!!!!!! Aahh! I'm so glad to hear she and the other babies are doing so well. I keep having to print out another photo, because my copy gets so worn. I love her smile!

MKBookWorks said...

Congratulations! She is adorable! Our daughter is from DuChang - also on Poyang lake!! We could not be happier! 12/8/05 was our referral date... enjoy these next few weeks - they go by so quickly and the next thing you will know is your will be holding your precious treasure - and your life will never be the same again!

Mom to an Empress & waiting on our Emperor

Kerry said...

Great news, Courtney. Maybe someone has taken some recent photos of your baby. Keep skimming the photos section of the Yahoo group. I was able to find photos of our 1st that other families took when they traveled. And I took tons of photos of all the babies and posted them for others too! Such a great wealth of info in the SWI Yahoo group. Great way to keep busy.

morning stew said...

Hi, started reading your blog a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon it via someone's blogroll (I can't remember who now). Anyway, I wanted to let you know that in the yahoo group for our daughter's orphanage, someone visited the orphanage, and a few people were able to get some additional photos of their children before their trips to China. A great resource, and I was able to find out more information about the formula used there etc (although it was AFTER we came back!). So congrats, I love your posts - the one in archive about attachment and bonding is so right on, we had a similar post on our pre-china blog (which none of our family read - but that's another story). Hopefully, your wait is speedy and soon, you'll be on the emotional rollercoaster (a different rollercoaster this time; guaranteed to give you chills and smiles, as well as moments of sadness) of a lifetime!