Thursday, January 10, 2008

China Bound

We're looking so forward to our trip to China (minus the total 32 hours of flying there and back)! We're arriving in Beijing a day early to get a little R&R before touring the Great Wall the next day. We'll then fly down to our child's province and spend time in Nanchang, where we'll receive our daughter practically the day that we arrive...Then on to Guangzhou to sign more paperwork at the Consulate...and a train ride to Hong Kong where we'll stay an extra day just wandering the city before flying out. I feel like I'm going to be on the Amazing Race or something. I've not travelled abroad for quite a while, so it'll be good to get the travel bug again (well, not THAT travel bug). We'll post daily (hopefully) so that you can travel along with us (and for our own sake of remembering all the wonderful details).


The Schweppes said...

Hey Courtney!
I have just read an e-mail from a fellow adoptive parent who just returned from China that said, "I had friends who used Blogspot. You can post in China but you can't get on to Blogspot in China (it is banned). So, the people in the US can see what you write, but you won't be able to see it.
Odd, but I guess a way the Chinese government controls the media." Know anything about this??

The Schweppes said...

I have just heard that we may not be able to access our blog if on Blogger in China!!! Epidemic of "The Great Firewall of China" -govt resticting blogs. Heard anything similar???

Shawnstribe said...

hooooraaayyyy, not long now!!!!
The square is on its way!!!

Kerry said...

So glad that you have your dates and schedule. You are going to love it here. We checked your blog today to see if our trip will intersect but it sounds like we will miss each other. Disappointing! Blogger is very hard to navigate and we had to use Dave's work's mainframe. And it took us forever to figure out pictures. You just can't attach them and email them home for someone else to post either. I can't get pkblogs to work either. My husband finally got blogger to work via tricking the Chinese blockers. I would ask a techie and if we get home before you leave I will have Dave email you.
OK I am beat. Let lag here is terrible.
Kerry Malinger

RoLo said...

I was just thinking the other day that we are going to be on our own version of Amazing Race.

RoLo said...

Not much longer Courtney and we will be in China, I hope we get a chance to meet:)