Friday, January 11, 2008


H2O. Water. Fills our oceans. Pours down from the skies. Plentiful. Our bodies' lifeline. A basic need. It's essential to all living things, yet millions are drinking unsafe water. Millions of people around the world, many who are children, die from harmful water and waterborne diseases. How can this be? In our country, it's unfathomable. We have access to water that is bottled, flavored, with vitamins, infused with electrolytes, distilled, spring, vapor-distilled, even Holy. The options seem endless, but this is not the case in other parts of the world.

This year, I was introduced to A Child's Right, an organization whose goal is to assist children in developing countries by providing access to clean and safe drinking water. They provide purification systems, water filtration units, water storage containers, and extensive hygiene education to orphanages, street shelters, schools and children's hospitals. They are doing phenomenal work by providing the most essential and basic need to children in impoverished areas.
I encourage you in the coming new year to add to your list of resolutions this - "to help bring clean water to children around the globe". Even a small commitment can make a world of difference. Some ways that you can do this:
  • Forfeit buying sodas and/or bottled water and, instead, donate to an organization who helps with clean drinking water.
  • Match your water bill with a donation. If your water bill is $30 then donate $30.
  • Plan to give a one-time donation to an organization whose focus is clean water, like A Child's Right.
  • Organize a fundraiser in your community, school, church, etc.
My daughter is currently living in a Chinese orphanage; the thought of her and other babies drinking formula mixed with unclean water, makes me uneasy. We are blessed to have access to this basic human need in our country. Shouldn't we pay it forward?

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Courtney said...

One of my best friends served in the Peace Corps and had this to say:
Peace Corps is a great org helping villages all over the world come by clean water sources. You can easily buy a well for a village and it is cheap. So sponsor a volunteer. Also, boycott all Nestle products. Nestle is responsible for much death in the developing world. It created huge ad campaigns to tell poor mothers that their breast milk was bad and they should buy formula to mix with water. The water in question was sometimes river water. Babies died left and right. Finally, don't forget that the developing world isn't always the only place to find issues of this nature. The District of Columbia right here goes on frequent "boil alerts" because its own water is not always potable. Support local initiatives, too. My two cents. :)