Sunday, January 06, 2008


I have this friend, Anne, whose life sometimes seems more like it's from the pages of a novel, full of adventure with a new twist, mystery and suspense every other chapter. Needless to say, she ALWAYS has good stories to share. So I asked her how she spent her New Year's Eve. She said casually, "In a treehouse." "What! No really," I exclaimed. Yep, the girl went and spent the night in a treehouse -- for real. Actually, it's a bit more upscale than a tree-hugging hippie hoisting her up on a carabiner, a rope, and a prayer. It's quite posh, in fact... as far as treehouses go... Okay, think cabin in a tree.
Actually, I had flipped through a coffee table book on just this topic not too long ago. It had beautiful images of tree retreats. What a peaceful place to be, to reflect and recharge...among nature, up in a tree. It's the perfect retreat for writers, artists, honeymooners, a girls' get-away...just about anyone looking for a place to be inspired. Check out Forest Retreat , the treehouse retreat in Mississippi where she stayed. You can also find a list of others here.
Might be a great way to bring in 2009, eh?

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