Friday, January 04, 2008

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Being the hypochondriac, umm, er, let me say... health nut that I am, I thought I'd share with you some tips for staying healthy that I plan to use while traveling to China.

  • My latest love is Smart Water made by Glaceau. It's vapor distilled water with added electrolytes. I'm convinced that this is not only God's gift to athletes, but also to weary travelers who are dehydrated due to a 16+ hour flight. Smart water has no sugary goop like other thirst aids. I plan to drink a boat-load of Smart Water a few days before travel to ensure proper hydration before that dreadfully-long flight.

  • Speaking of electrolytes... I'm planning to have a good supply of Emergen-C to take daily once in China. It too supplies essential minerals as well as other vitamins to boost the ole immune system.

  • And speaking of boosting the immune system... I'm going to try Airborne (similar to Emergen-C) a few days prior to departure and while in flight to ward off those nasty germs that get recirculated on board.

  • And speaking of those nasty germs recirculated...I heard that if you smear a little Neosporin under your nose (above your lip) it helps to filter germs from the air that you breath while on a plane. It's sure worth a try.

  • And what about the "stomach yucks" one can get from eating and drinking in another country? I've been told to take a Pepto tablet in the morning and one at night and, supposedly, it moves any "yucks" right on out of your system before they have a chance to take up room and board in your gut.

  • Speaking of my gut...I'm taking Listerine to kill any foreign bacteria that may decide to move to my gut. I've heard that it also helps in preventing the "stomach yucks" while traveling.

Feel free to share any tips that you have too!


Kerry said...

Thanks, Courtney- I got sick in China last time and it was terrible. I am so afraid that I will again. I will follow your advice!

justin said...

Hydrogen Peroxide in the ears - its a little weird if you've never done it, but the ear canals tend to trap germs

Zycam - best to use as you feel a cold coming on, it can minimize the effects of a cold, if not help prevent it (comes on q-tips you rub in your nose)

Zinc - this stuff in general boosts the immune system

Courtney said...

Thanks Justin!
The Zycam is packed for sure! And Airborne has zinc in it. I've not heard of the HP? Well, for swimmer's ear, so that would make sense. I may have to try that one out!

Sanders' Double Happiness said...

Here's another suggestion. Sounds really weird considering your travelling to become a parent, but Dr. Jane Liedtke suggested drinking beer (like 4 - 6 ounces) with lunch and dinner. The alcohol is a mild antiseptic and can kill some bacteria in foods. We didn't do that during our first adoption (and should have), but did during our second adoption and didn't have any problems.


Anonymous said...

traveled in may 2003 (SARS) took more tylenol then ever before, august 2005 took airbourne off and on the whole trip. everything went fine. the air in china is BAD, ask your dr for antibotics if you have sinus or breathing issues, this saved us towards the end of the trip (we both have sinus problems) Best piece of advice we can give you on staying healthy is REST when ever you can, Rest when the baby rest etc. Have a great time, Congrats on becoming a FAMILY. Penny in PA

The Shocks said...

You definitely want to ask the dr for anitbiotics. I had to take them just after arriving in China this last trip. Hand sanitzer is a must also. But you would have to place in one of the plastic bags if in your cary on. China security actually took mine when we were leaving.

The Shocks said...

Oh, get some of th travel toilet paper to take with you. Some of the public restrooms do not have it.

Dave & Kris said...

Courtney, we've also been told by friends who've traveled there on business that the best way to avoid stomach bugs is to eat SZECHWAN! As in HOT HOT HOT. I actually visit our local szechuan eatery in China town whenever I get a cold bug--definitely clears you out!

Our doc recommends Immodium for travel, ahem, runs. More than pepto (once it starts...).

Charming topic....:-)

Courtney said...

Great tips! Keep 'em coming!!!

Julie said...

We were in China in July and my husband has a terrible weak stomach. We took acidophillus pills which are the good "bugs" in your stomach. It's also what's in yogurt. It worked like a charm. My husband's stomach has never been better than it was in China. And we ate everything...except the water of course. Have a great trip.