Thursday, April 10, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about my daughter's to tell her story without fully knowing it, how to honor her and her decision, and how to foster gratitude for her in my daughter's life. It's somewhat difficult to determine the age appropriateness of this topic, but thankfully, there are many children's books out there, written by adoptive parents, that help introduce the subject.

One book that I've recently learned about is Letters of Love from China, written from the perspective of the birthmother. It won the 2008 Mom's Choice Silver Award for the Best Children's Book in the Family Life category.

"Written from a birth mom's perspective, Letter of Love from China by Bonnie Cuzzolino, paints a loving and respectful picture of a child's relinquishment in China. Through vivid and colorful illustration, combined with clear, simple language with appeal to all ages, Letter of Love from China has a poignant yet uplifting message. So often parents struggle with positive ways to answer questions about why their child was abandoned in China. This book will help parents answer these questions and communicate the heartfelt and loving choice that a birth mom in China makes, and the cultural context behind this decision. It depicts the relinquishment for what it is, a selfless act of love." Beth Smith, MS Director of Services, China Program, Holt International


Shawnstribe said...

wow thanks Courtney, that looks like a super book.
Ive started on Aila'slife book, and have shed so many tears doing it.
One thing the so experts say is to not romanticise the birth mothers feelings cause it may backfire in the child grieving loads for a perfect situation that may have never existed....???
im not surewhat to still struggling with these issues.
Hope all's well

Jenna said...

Thanks so much for that recommendation! As always, I LOVE your choices! I keep coming back for more! :) I'm definitely going to check this one out!

By the way, I've started posting some of our favorite poetry books (because it is National Poetry Month) on my blog- a couple for kids under age 3! You may already have them as you seem to be as in love with books as I am! You inspired me- thanks!