Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In the Spirit

Yes, I know I still have a Halloween wreath and pumpkin on my front porch, but I'm really feeling the Christmas itch right about now...thinking about our traditions, our first visit to see Santa, Elyza's first Christmas tree, and on and on. Lots of firsts for us...FINALLY! This time last year, all we had was a picture of our baby-to-be, hanging in an ornament on the tree and lots of hopeful anticipation of what this Christmas would be like once she was home. No doubt, it's going to be our most fun ever, now that our little one has arrived and sugar plums can dance in her head...and ours. I truly love Christmas and can't wait to share the joys of this sacred time with our daughter!

This week I'm going to start on a project that I earmarked last year. I'm finally going to do it! For reals! An Advent countdown of sorts. Soule Mama posted this idea. By the way, I'm reading her book, The Creative Family, stuffed with inspirational ideas to bring art and creativity into your family life. I highly recommend it! Wish me luck on the stockings...oh, did I mention that I don't sew...this should be interesting!

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Kerry said...

Courtney, enjoy every festive filled moment. You waited so long and you earned it! Bring out those decorations any time now! Can't wait to see sweet E on Santa's lap. It will be a Merry Merry Christmas!