Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another stressful morning....

I don't know if my last post included pictures and the last paragraph
...I can't see blogger posts from China so I'm not sure. But anyway,
on Saturday Levi had to get 4 vaccinations and will get 3 more. I'm
not at all happy with this, but there is nothing I can do. Today he
has a high fever of 103 and so I know it's his immunities response to
all the shots. Please pray that he will feel better soon. It has come
down in the last 2 hours, so that's good news. He has to get 3 more
shots tomorrow, so I'm just praying he has no fever by then.

This morning, Sandy, Levi and I went shopping, while jay and E went
swimming. We returned to find out that E tried to climb a vine at the
swimming pool and fell hitting her head. By the way, I do not advise
bringing a hyperactive child to China. She now has a bump and luckily
has shown no signs of a concussion, but because she has had one before
we have to be extra cautious. Please pray for her as well. When your
child needs medical attention in a foreign country it is stressful!
When I took Levi to the doc here for fever, they said they wanted to
give him a shot. I said, "no way" so they gave him a cooling pack for
his head and told me to give him hot water to sweat off the fever.
Very different practices here.

Hoping for a less eventful rest of the day...

Good Wishes,

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Debbie said...

OMG! Hot water and an ice pack! Hope you were able to find some childrens motrin or tylenol. Poor E, I'll be sending up prayers for you all ;)

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