Sunday, October 17, 2010

More on Levi

We're getting to know Levi more each day. As I said, he is very
different from Elyza. He is much more cautious and shy. He can be a
snuggly sweetheart, but he can also throw some major tantrums when
things aren't his way. He hates sleeping in a crib and wakes many
times in the night upset that he can't get comfortable. He slept in a
toddler bed in the orphanage, so I think this is why he hates the
feeling of being enclosed in a crib. He prefers being outside and is
fine with either walking or riding in a stroller. He is very would almost think that he had been to a Montessori
school :). He will undress himself for bath time and washes his ears
and head while bathing. He also wipes his mouth when he is eating and
will bring me a diaper when he needs a change. he takes off his shoes
and puts them away. He likes to do these things himself. in a lot of
ways, he seems more mature than 24 months old. Emotionally though, he
seems younger.

He has really blossomed in the past week. He will venture out further
from us instead of being fearful and clingy which tells me that his
trust of us is growing. I look forward to getting on a schedule that
is consistent. I'm sure that will help with some of the meltdowns that
he has. Poor kid. This transition has got to be tough. I can't imagine
what he must think.

As a side note...I have loved the name Levi for a long time and wanted
to name a son this if I ever had one. When we got his referral
picture, he looked like a Levi to me. The meaning of "Levi" is "to
bring together" so it seems the perfect name for him. While Skyping
with Jay's dad this week, he told us that he had learned that Levi is
actually a family name on his side. :)

Good Wishes,

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