Saturday, October 09, 2010

Beijing (Sat)

We had a great orientation this morning with our Holt group. We are
one of 26 families traveling with Holt. We are the only ones adopting
from our child's province, but will meet up with everyone in Guangzhou
next week. We did find two other families from the group who live in
TN, one of which lives in Franklin.
In the orientation, we got an update on Levi. His update said that he
likes playing with other kids and wih toy cars:) We also read "to
satisfy all his requirements will make him happy. When he is not
happy, give him snacks"....sounds just like E :) We'll meet him on
Monday, less than two days from now.
After the orientation we had a group lunch and then went to Tiananmen
Square and the Forbidden City. Elyza slept through the entire tour
because she'd been awake since 3:30 am. The Square was decorated
beautifully for the National Holiday, with colorful flowers planted in
the gardens. It's nice to be here during such pleasant weather.
I feel a lot more comfortable this time around having been here before
and with some knowledge of what to expect. We're having a great time,
just exhausted by 4 pm. I hope we can get adjusted to the time change
soon, especially E sleeping through the night.

I don't have spell check, so excuse any misspelled words. Typing on an
iPad isn't easy either. Hope to upload pics soon.

Tomorrow we fly to Liaoning Province and settle into our hotel there
for several days.

Praying for sleep tonight!

Good Wishes,

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Erika said...

Gwenelise and I are watching your updates. Prayers for sleep for E and for your trip. Enjoy the beautiful weather!!

Anonymous said...

Hi cocojo!! Thrilled for you!! I am sooooo excited and cannot wait to meet the little guy! I hope E sleeps well tonight! I miss you guys so much and am praying for safe journeys!!! l, elizabeth

Carrie G said...

Getting so excited for you - monday can't get here soon enough!! Lots of Love!

Debbie said...

Memories! So glad that weather is better...praying that E adjusts soon. Enjoy!!!