Saturday, October 09, 2010


While touring some Beijing sites yesterday, we did receive a lot of looks and stares by curious people. Many of the people visiting the tourist attractions are from all over China so it makes since that we would get lot of looks. I'm guessing that a lot of the Chinese tourists have not seen many Westerners where they live. In fact, several from our group were asked to have their picture taken, especIally the blonde kids.

I asked our guide how Chinese people viewed us Western adoptive parents of Chinese children. she said that in the South, the people are more open to the idea. In the North, many do not quite understand why we would adopt Chinese children specifically. Part of me, though, wonders if they look to see if the child resembles someone that the know, who relinquished a child...maybe even a family member or they themselves. I know that's what I would wonder.


A Beautiful Mess said...

If you have not read Xinran's book "message from an unknown chinese mother" you would see that you are exactly right that some may be looking to see the child you have amazing book.

Safe and happy travels!

Debbie said...

Courtney, thank you for saying that. I was thinking that the whole time we were in Nanchang, just didn't want to voice it! I actually would look at women and children and wonder if they could have been related to my daughter.